IT network management services

IT Network Management Services

... from a one of the most trusted global network management companies in the industry.

Network Managed Services in a Single Pane

ParkView Network Management™ brings the tools and expertise to deliver exceptional performance, visibility and intelligence to manage your network in today’s changing IT environment.

Our network management service delivered by our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC), streamlines network management processes by simplifying management of hybrid environments, supporting new technologies and ensuring outstanding end-user experiences. Learn more about our multi-vendor network device support services below!

What Are Network Management Services?

IT network management services are some combination of networking tools, services, and functions which enterprises leverage to be monitored, operated and maintained by a third party. Managed network services are generally part of the offering that an IT infrastructure managed service provides.

These network management companies can provide a range of services including: monitoring and automated notifications, an intuitive online dashboard, common cause analysis and escalation, third-party network hardware support, incident remediation, automated network health checks, configuration management, patch management, software and firmware management, change management, device provisioning, and DHCP and DNS management.

Depending on the provider, services can also entail cabling installation, unified messaging, LAN, WAN, and SD-WAN optimization, security firewall management and more.

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Why ParkView Network Management™?

Our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) team will ensure a smooth deployment with an onboarding plan that includes custom-built set-ups for device management, custom dashboard creation and reports that meet your unique requirements.
  • Reduce network management complexity

    Keep your staff focused on managing your network. ParkView Network Management™ eliminates the set-up and implementation procedures by taking advantage of the Enterprise Operation Center (EOC) onboarding team’s extensive product experience and best practices for optimum performance management. No more tedious patch updates, adding/deleting devices, back-ups, etc. this is all handled by our EOC.

  • Reduce the risk of costly downtime through proactive Network Monitoring

    Networks are chatty. Our EOC creates over 350 Event alerts and 100 Incident notifications to help you cut through the noise. Every Event and Incident drills down into key metrics such as utilization, traffic and fault charts. Events can be suppressed, giving you control of what you see.

  • Better visibility and actionable network data to what matters most to your team

    ParkView Network Management™ discovers your network infrastructure in a mature CMDB giving you the insights you need on your network assets. Visualize your network in the way that makes sense for your business with detailed topology or geographic device mapping and drill down to locate issues on your network.

  • Enhanced insight into your network usage and application performance

    Spend less time guessing where the bottlenecks are in your network. With ParkView Network Management™ our EOC builds dashboards that allow you quickly identify whether the problem is on your network or someone else’s and locate potential and actual bottlenecks by seeing exactly how an application path travels through your network and the wider internet.

  • More benefits of enterprise network management services...

    Network managed service companies provide a route for large organizations to maintain expert networking knowledge and manpower without having to carry a large IT staff. This helps to free up existing IT staff for strategic initiatives, while the outsourced network managed service team takes on network troubleshooting, deployments, integrations, policy implementation and other technical support elements. Because a network MSP proactively manages your enterprise networking needs, some IT catastrophes can be prevented altogether instead of mitigating after they occur. If you're facing reduced staffing and budget pressures due to uncontrollable economic circumstances, IT network managed services might be for you!

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What Does ParkView Network Management™ Include?

Our enterprise Network Performance Monitoring solution offers a tailored implementation designed for your network’s unique requirements to ensure top performance and best practices from a monitoring solution, along with a single pane monitoring solution with dashboards created specifically for your business needs.

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How Does ParkView Network Management™ Work?

Our ParkView Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) is a fully-staffed support organization. Our EOC will work to convert network monitoring alerts from ParkView Network Management™ into ParkView support tickets, perform triage, investigate, and then perform mutually agreed upon escalation procedures, including contacting third party organizations.

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Central Park Customer Portal

Central Park is an innovative single pane of glass for managing your data center maintenance & monitoring. Central Park offers easy-to-read dashboards with key metrics, multi-account access, service ticket management, the ability to designate multiple administrators, and ParkView Input Portal functionality to monitor devices.

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A Portal in Your Pocket

The first of its kind in the third-party hardware maintenance category, PPTechMobile brings the self-service convenience of our customer portal (Central Park) right to your mobile devices.

  • Submit, edit and view incidents
  • Monitor escalation processes
  • Access all contracted assets

Support Tiers

Base Monitoring & Notification Plus Defined Remediation Full Enterprise Management
Monitoring and Automated Notification
Common Cause/Escalation
Online Dashboard
Third Party Support
Automated Health Checks
Incident Remediation
Configuration Management
Patch Management
Software / Firmware Management
Device Provisioning
Change Management
DHCP & DNS Management